London With Kids – 14 Favourite Attractions And Activities

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Things to do in London with Kids - Gone with the Family

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  1. Cathy Sweeney

    These are great things to do in and around London for people of all ages. I must take the London Eye ride one of these days. I’ve really been missing out on some fantastic views.

  2. Tonya @ The Traveling Praters

    This list just makes me want to visit London! I’d love to visit the Globe Theater and to see a play there would be amazing! Can’t wait for you to take your next trip to London so I can experience it vicariously through you! 🙂

  3. Keryn @ walkingon travels

    So excited to get back to London this fall and rediscover a few spots with the kids and explore a few new spots as well. Kew Garden is on my list as well as a few Harry Potter sights. Think the boys will mind if we follow in Potter’s foot steps? I promise I’ll read them the books when they are older 😉

  4. Lisa Goodmurphy

    No need to have kids with you – Harry Potter’s fun for everyone! Our tour guide was amazing – he knew the films inside out and could tell us the exact angle of shots from the movie so that we could get the same photo – it was really cool!

  5. Lisa Goodmurphy

    I forgot about Kew Gardens! You will have an amazing time in London! Definitely take the boys to all the Harry Potter sights and take photos then when they are old enough for the books you can show them that they were in the same places as Harry!

  6. Amy@ Red Eye Family

    I haven’t been to London since all things Harry Potter became so popular. I would love to take that tour!

    What is the best way to get around London to see the sights? We’ve taken the Hop-on/Hop-off Red Bus tours in several cities including London, but there are some places you mentioned that aren’t on the route. What do you suggest?

  7. Lisa Goodmurphy

    Amy, I went on the Hop-on Hop-off Double-Decker bus my first time in London when I was only there for a couple of days. We have used them in a number of places and I think they are great when you are short of time and want to try and see a lot of places in a day or two.

    On our trip with the kids we were in London for 10 days and didn’t bother with the HOHO. I expect a lot of people may disagree with me, but I like to explore cities on foot so I make my kids walk too. They are older than yours but Emma has been pretty good about it since she was about 6. If we are heading someplace a bit farther afield then we take public transit or a cab. We took the tube a few times in London and the kids loved the experience. I wouldn’t recommend doing it at rush hour though – we did and it was the most crowded subway that I had ever been on! The black cabs are also a fun way to get around in London – particularly if you get one with a colourful ad painted on the side!

  8. Michele @ Malaysian Meanders

    I think my kids would be most excited about straddling the Prime Meridien. Every time I see a picture of the London Eye, I think of the Dr. Who episode where it turns out it was an antennae for alien energy.

    I looked into stopping over in London for a few days on our flight from Houston to Malaysia last week. However, the Olympics had driven the airfare way up, so it was too expensive. I’ll have to try it another time.

  9. Mary @ The World Is A Book

    I’m writing this as I’m also watching our recorded Olympic opening ceremonies so I’m feeling the spirit. 🙂 These are great tips and wonderful pictures, Lisa. My husband and I went to London before we had kids last century. It’s been at the top of my daughter’s wish list so we’re hoping to visit soon. I’m sure anything Harry Potter would be one of the first places we’d visit.

  10. Crystal @ Little Sightseers

    I would love to go see a show there! I bet my kids would love Lion King. Thanks for sharing all these tips for London, I’m going to pass this post on!! 🙂

  11. jenny@atasteoftravel

    This is a great list of sights to see for any age! Last time we were in London we went to see Buckingham Palace which your children may enjoy. There’s still a few on the list I must do!

  12. Lisa Goodmurphy

    It’s a good thing that my teen daughter didn’t start watching Dr. Who until after this trip or she might have refused to go on the Eye!

    We had considered going to London this summer but the prices were exorbitant with the Olympics happening – hopefully next year!

  13. Lisa Goodmurphy

    Your kids will love London, Mary! Both Katie and Emma want to go back very badly! We are starting to make tentative plans for the end of June next year. Katie thinks she wants to go back to the summer program in St. Andrews so we may go ahead with her and spend a week in London and then drop her off in Scotland.

  14. Lisa Goodmurphy

    Thanks, Jenny! We missed Buckingham Palace on our family trip because they only do tours in the summer and we were there in March. Hopefully we can do it on the next trip (although I’ll have to convince Emma ahead of time that going to Buckingham Palace does not mean that she gets to meet the Queen)!

  15. Hilarye

    Awesome list! Your girls are adorable by the way. We are taking our two (LITTLE) girls to Europe for a month next year and London is on our list!

  16. Lisa Goodmurphy

    I definitely think that a return trip is in order! We had 10 days there so we had quite a bit of time but there’s still lots that we haven’t seen yet – we may return next summer. 🙂

  17. Lisa Wood

    I went to England when I was 18 and spent two months with family. I remember seeing lots of castles, and lots churches as well as the most amazing pubs! They have the best pubs compared to Australia 🙂

  18. London4Travelers

    As a person, who loves London very much I would like to say that parents will never regret about visiting London with their children. This city offers a lot of attractions, activities, special sightseeing tours, interesting places to visit and see with kids. It is always interesting to travel around London with kids.

  19. Andrea, Passports And Pushchairs

    We also always suggest kew gardens, and if you do that you could do the Kew Bridge Steam Museum. In Wimbledon there is a great kids theatre called Polka Theatre that has plays for kids of all ages. There is also one in Kilburn called Tricycle Theatre that has childrens programming. There is another playground in Regents Park called Hanover Gate that is supposed to be good and one called Paddington Street Gardens Playground. Battersea Park has a children’s zoo as well. Great city for kids! Richmond Park is a lovely big space as well.

  20. P Martin

    Your readers may also enjoy the popular online London family guide KIDSINguide! You can find all the top events and activities happening around London, updated daily!

  21. Alexandra

    Kew garden is great, and I think, it’s free for teens under 17 years old. Also Diana Memorial Playground, especially for smaller children

  22. Marc

    London is a great place to visit with kids and there are so much to do and visit without them getting bored. We have traveled with our toddlers several times there and we loved it but we didn’t do as much since they were toddler not we have planned a vacation and we will be seeing more. Thanks for the input.

  23. ohad

    First of all, I wanted to compliment you on the extensive and comprehensive information.
    Second, I wanted to ask if you could elaborate on your experiences from the day you traveled outside London (Stonehenge, etc.)?
    I just got some conflicting reports from families with children. And it is important for me to hear your opinion “as an expert tourist”

  24. James

    London is the best destination to travel with family and kids. I visited with my family to London last weekend. It was fun to travel. I have a suggestion to you always try to choose a hotel in North London from where to travel adventures and attractions are easier. Great content you shared with us.

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