A Long Weekend in Amsterdam with Kids

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  1. Catherine Sweeney

    I had only several hours in Amsterdam, but so glad that I took the opportunity to see whatever I could of that city. Anne Frank House is amamzing. I’m so glad that you saw it. Next time, I’ve got Van Gogh on my radar and a canal cruise — it’s a “must” that I missed.

  2. DanaHFreeman

    Very informative! I haven’t been to Amsterdam in 20 years. Need to go back and take my kids. The Anne Frank house left such an impression on me, I’d love to share that with my teens.

  3. Mary {The World Is A Book}

    I love this itinerary and glad you were able to cover so much during those 4 days. It’s our kind of itinerary 🙂 What a great variety of attractions. We were only there for 24 hours and didn’t even set foot inside a museum. We did the guide canal cruise tour though and walked and ate a lot. Cheese and stroopwafels are so delicious! We’ll be following this itinerary when we head back.

  4. Kirsten

    Looks like an amazing trip! We haven’t been to Amsterdam in 17 years, but we would love to go back for a visit. Loved the Anne Frank house and the Rijksmuseum. The food was delicious too. Missed the canal cruise because the weather was miserable, but would love to go back with kids and explore everything!

  5. Julie

    So much cheese. My daughter would love the Kattenkabinet store! I have no idea the city was this family friendly = thanks for helping to shift the paradigm.

  6. Lisa Goodmurphy

    Hopefully you will have a chance to return with the kids and get some sunny canal-cruising weather! I would love to know how much has changed in the city in the last couple of decades – I expect the Rijksmuseum is a completely different experience now that it has been renovated.

  7. Lisa Goodmurphy

    Amsterdam is definitely a family-friendly city but there are parts where you wouldn’t want to take the kids. We had zero interest in seeing the red light district, for example, so we just avoided it and my daughter had no idea that it even existed. She was almost 12 when we were there though so we did have a discussion about marijuana and the cafes where it is sold in Amsterdam and how that is different than the way it is treated at home (but we avoided visiting those as well).

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